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May 9th 2014

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Design plans for W-B train station transformation nearly complete

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Mark Moran / The Citizens' VOice A dining car that was once attached to the Palooka's Diner at Market Street Square lingers in Wilkes-Barre. Luzerne County officials plan to auction off the dining car to raise funds for the $2 million renovation of the train station into a senior center and tourism bureau.

Plywood covers the entrance and windows to the run-down train station at the Market Street Square complex in Wilkes-Barre, while a small tree and bushes swallow up part of the nearby railroad dining car.

Not for much longer, county officials said Monday.

Design plans that would transform the train station into a modern senior center and tourism bureau are 90 percent complete, county engineer Joe Gibbons said. And the dining car, which was once attached to Palooka's Diner, will soon be auctioned off - ideally before construction begins on the train station.

"We want to get started within the next six months," said Andrew Reilly, executive director of the Luzerne County Office of Community Development.

Auctioning off the dining car would raise more funds for the $2 million project, county officials said, and its removal would provide more space for on-site construction equipment.

L.A.G. Auction Services, which holds a two-year contract with Luzerne County, is currently preparing a marketing presentation for county officials. Once approved, L.A.G. will spend at least 30 days advertising worldwide. The auction will then take place at Market Street Square and Wilkes-Barre Boulevard.

Leo Glodzik, owner of L.A.G., said he will not start researching the dining car until his marketing plan is approved. Until then, he is not sure how much the antique dining car might fetch. Neither are county officials.

"It's a rare commodity. I would think it's hundreds of thousands of dollars if you'd buy new," Glodzik said. "Some buyers might put it back on the rail; maybe a wealthy person would just want to use it as aesthetics. Some people might want to make it another restaurant, or someone might use it as an addition to a hotel."

Added Luzerne County Historical Society spokesman Anthony T.P. Brooks, who did not oppose the sale: "It's not really historically significant to Wilkes-Barre - just the name of it. But it was named long after ("Joe Palooka" comic strip creator) Ham Fisher died. It was a nice marketing gesture."

Quad 3, a local architecture/engineering firm, sent its final draft and specifications to county engineers last week. The engineers will review the plan, comment, return it - and wait for the changes to be made. After that, the bidding process for construction will begin.

The Luzerne County Redevelopment Authority bought the complex from developer Thom Greco for $5.8 million in 2006. Greco was sentenced to two years probation in November 2010 for failing to tell federal agents he was the victim of a shakedown by former Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak.

Skrepenak refused to pay a bill of more than $10,000 for televisions supplied to a Wilkes-Barre sports bar operated by Skrepenak's father, and prosecutors said the televisions were a reward for the purchase of the Market Street Square complex.

jmoyer@citizensvoice.com, 570-821-2052

Read more: http://citizensvoice.com/news/design-plans-for-w-b-train-station-transformation-nearly-complete-1.1290756#ixzz1s1XeIEyp

Boy Scouts assist auction

Jul 10

Members of Boy Scout Troop #146 of Jackson Township recently provided refreshments and assisted at the Annual Municipal Surplus Auction held at the Jackson Township Municipal Building with LAG Auction Services. From left, first row, are Ryan Marshall, Justin Marshall, Collin MacMullen and Tony Caravaggio. Second row, Jamie Wilkes, Jackson Township Supervisor Chairman John Jay Wilkes Jr., John Thomas, Andrew McCarroll, Chester Brennan and Jackson Township Acting Assistant Roadmaster David Lulewicz.

Going, going, gone

Feb 20



PLAINS TWP. – Hesitate, and you missed it.

David Yoder of McClure, Snyder County, listens to the auctioneer after purchasing a wooden stool at the former nursing home.

BILL TARUTIS/For The Times Leader

Additional Photos Below

Luzerne County is liquidating more than 10,000 pieces of unneeded property at Valley Crest, the county-owned former nursing facility. In the first of several planned auctions, office and nursing equipment and furniture went up for sale Saturday, and it didn’t last long.

Auction master Leo A. Glodzik, of L.A.G. Auction Services, peddled items in a breakneck and hypnotizing auctioneer’s cadence, as his assistant Pete Burnham jolted bidders back to life with earsplitting cries of “yes” and “you’ll never see prices like these again!”

“I’ll be a frog by the end of the day,” Burnham joked, “and then some days later I’ll feel better.”

County Purchasing Director Frank Pugliese said more than 10,000 items were slated for sale. He said he and three staff members have been preparing for the auction since August, and that he anticipates holding at least two more auctions before everything at the facility is sold.

Proceeds from the auction will go to the county’s general fund.

The scene Friday was a far cry from effete auction houses like Sotheby’s or Christie’s. With more than 10,000 items to liquidate, speed was key at the auction Friday. Property was sold in lots, typically a room at a time.

“It’s a monumental task; it really is,” said Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffith, who monitored the auction on the county’s behalf. “It’s a good way to raise revenue for the county, and a good way to give people the opportunity to buy something they could use.”

Scrappers, used car salesmen, specialty equipment dealers and people simply looking for a deal packed the halls of the nursing home for the auction. Many came seeking a quick buck, looking to flip the property they picked up on online auction sites.

Leo Pribula, of West Pittston, bought nearly 30 wheelchairs for between $5 and $10 each. He can sell them online for several hundred dollars apiece, he said.

“The hardest part is getting it all out of here,” he joked.

Nelson Brubaker, owner of Brubaker’s Restaurant Equipment in Berks County, paid $350 for an ice machine, one of five the county had to auction off.

“You can get the good stuff at these kind of sales, because it was made good back in those days,” he said.

Others said they came for the fun of the auction, and maybe to make a purchase if something caught their eye.

Christian Castillo, of Forty Fort, said he has been buying and selling antiques and other property as a hobby for years. Though most of the property at the auction wasn’t his cup of tea, he still had a good time.

“A lot of people want to be specialists, so when they look at something they know what it’s worth,” Castillo said. “I like to use my instincts to say when I think something is worth something, and when I’m right, that’s the thrill to me.”

Still others came just to take one more stroll through the halls of the nursing home.

Stanly Logosky said his mother, Agnes Logosky, spent eight years at Valley Crest before her death in 2002. Clutching a bundle of photos of his mother and her room at Valley Crest, Logosky said he came to the former nursing home “to reminisce,” and found watching its property auctioned off Saturday “very sad.”

“It’s sentimental,” he said. “I used to come to see her every day.”

Twenty-seven decommissioned county vehicles were also auctioned off, including a 1958 Walter fire truck, 1993 International dump truck and 10 passenger vans. Mike Milewski, owner of Milewski Towing in Scranton, bought the dump truck and two vans.

Information about how much money the county made from the auction was unavailable

County set to benefit by auction

Feb 5

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By Jennifer Learn-Andes jandes@timesleader.comLuzerne County Reporter

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of items from the former Valley Crest Nursing Home will be publicly auctioned at the Plains Township property on Feb. 19 to generate revenue for Luzerne County government.

Desks, chairs, filing cabinets, beds, dressers and other furniture will be up for grabs at the auction, which will start at 10 a.m., said county Purchasing Director Frank Pugliese.

“The inventory will literally fill an entire wing of the home,” Pugliese said.

Around 25 older county vehicles also will be auctioned, he said.

The inventory will only include items that are in “usable condition,” he said.

“We’re selling anything of value – not junk,” he said.

At least two more auctions will be held in coming months to sell laundry equipment, heavy equipment from the maintenance building and cleaning items such floor polishers and buffers.

“It was a hospital, so there’s lot of stuff there. There’s even a dentist’s chair and equipment,” Pugliese said.

The county is free to sell the contents because the nursing home operator built a new privately-owned home, the neighboring Timber Ridge Health Care Center.

The Salvation Army has a sales agreement to buy the 62.3-acre Valley Crest parcel to open an adult rehabilitation center, but the charitable organization could back out if it does not obtain a zoning variance.

March 31 is the deadline for the Salvation Army to decide whether it will proceed with the purchase.

Residents have been objecting to a zoning variance, and Timber Ridge has filed a lawsuit over the sale.

Duryea-based L.A.G. Auction Services will run the auction. L.A.G. was the only local company to respond to a public request for proposals, and Pugliese said the company’s proposal was the “most comprehensive.”

L.A.G.’s payment will be based on the amount of revenue generated by the auction, he said.

The company will receive 8 percent for revenue up to $250,000 and 5 percent if sales exceed that amount.

The company will start tagging and “staging” auction items next week, he said.

The auction will be heavily advertised, and the county will soon release more details about the inventory, including the vehicle models and mileage. Information will also be posted on the county website at www.luzernecounty.org, he said.

“The auctioneer expects considerable interest in this auction,” Pugliese said.

Bidder registration should start around 8 a.m. that day, with identification required, he said.

County managers already examined what’s left in the former nursing home and removed file cabinets and other equipment needed in their departments, Pugliese said.

He alerted county departments to round up unused items that are in good condition for sale in the upcoming auctions.

Jennifer Learn-Andes, a Times Leader staff writer, may be reached at 831-7333.

Jackson Twp. to host surplus equipment auction


Jackson Township is hosting an auction of trucks, graders and various other kinds of municipal surplus equipment and vehicles Saturday starting at 9 a.m. at the municipal building, 2211 Huntsville Road.

It will be handled by municipal auction specialist LAG Auction Services, which does everything from the legal advertising to the transfer of title, said John J. Wilkes Jr., Jackson Township supervisor chairman.

Last year's auction was so successful township officials decided to hold another one, deciding it was the best way to unload unneeded equipment and make the most money in the process.

"Auctioning is the way to go. I watched it last year, and we got top dollar for everything we sold," Wilkes said. After seeing how well Jackson Township did with its previous auction, "Everyone jumped onto the bandwagon," he said.

This year more than 10 neighboring municipalities are participating, including Dallas Borough, Franklin Township, Lehman Township and Northmoreland Township, as well as the Lake-Lehman School District.

Read more: http://citizensvoice.com/news/jackson-twp-to-host-surplus-equipment-auction-1.730854#ixzz1s1cOGAXj